Finally we got this nice pleco in stock. They will show darker black spots when it is fully acclimated. Thank you to everyone who tried recently our service and visited this Blog!   T&T AQUARIUM


Our Wild Discus are georgeus!   They are red eye and spotted.  T&T AQUARIUM  

Pleco L-152

Pineapple pleco, this rare pleco it is not available the whole year, so dont miss these guys, they are ready to be shipped!    Thank you for visit our blog in regular basis!  T&T AQUARIUM

Goslinea platynema

Our fisherman informed us, they caught these catfish at deep water.  Now we have them ready to be shipped. Get yours soon!

Apistogramma Agassizii “Flamenco”

Hello World!  Thank you for follow us!  The picture talks for itself, this is one of the most beatiful varieties of Apistos, love the colors in the fins!  Do not miss them!

Chaetobranchus sp.

Once again we’re offering a great fish!  This colorful cichlid comes in rarely. In stock now! T&T AQUARIUM


This beauty is really hard to find fish, you can access to many of our exclusive offer of fish. T&T AQUARIUM

Glyptoperichthys sp.

This pleco came in New Year’s Eve! , its body is a bit chubby and have a lightly red on the tip of the fins. Size: 24 cm.  T&T Aquarium wish you a Happy New Year 2017!


Beautiful Knife Fish!   25 cm long! Available only at  T&T AQUARIUM


Please receive our warmest regards from everyone at T&T Aquarium this holiday season. We hope you get the chance to spend this special time of the year with the people you love and cherish.

Pterophyllum scalare

Peruvian Pterophyllum scalare Size: 3-6 cm we have the big one as well.   Try us!  T&T AQUARIUM